Welcome to Chikadee wholesale division

Terms & Conditions

CHIKADEE is an importer of handmade French style and solid wood furniture.
Products are made from natural wood and will never be perfect as nature leaves natural defects that is part of the style of furniture.
If perfection is what you are looking for, then Chikadee is probably not the supplier for you.
Wood top colours may vary from item to item, depending on the age and grain of the wood.  It is not guaranteed that two items will be identical.  Antique styles and paint techniques are copied and manufactured by hand which makes each piece unique with its own character.  Solid wood items are made from re-claimed wood and surfaces are often uneven with marks and small cracks.  It is supposed to look like that.  If you don’t like the style, don’t purchase the item because sending it back will be for your own account. 
All items will be quality controlled before it leaves our warehouse.
We do not accept responsibility for items damaged in transit.  Please ensure that you take out damage insurance with your courier company and check items upon arrival. 
Damage must be reported within 24hours after receiving the goods.  Please take a picture of the damage and e-mail it to brenda@chikadee.co.za or send a picture to +27 (0) 72 2488 286. 
We take great care in selecting a unique range of furniture and proud to be sharing the selling experience with you.
For any comments, please email brenda@chikadee.co.za or contact +27 (0) 72 2488 286.